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We take appointments

over the phone!

If you'd like to book a tattoo consultation OR a piercing appointment, please call us:



Things are moving back to "normal" - but we are taking it day by day! Please do what is comfortable for you - and if you have any questions, please ask. Our artists and staff may wear a mask if they choose, and you should feel free to do the same. Likewise, if you would prefer your artist wear a mask during your appointment, just let them know :)


We have been experiencing higher than usual call volume, so if you've had a hard time getting through, we apologize. 

If you leave a voicemail - make sure that you clearly state your name and phone number - if we can't hear you well, we can't call you back! 

Christmas is coming!!! And we sell GIFT CARDS!!! So make sure you ask that special someone to swing by and pick one up for you - available in any denomination, we accept cash, debit Visa and Mastercard :
--- Gift Cards can only be purchased in person - we cannot sell them online or over the phone - thank you :)

Updated Nov 20 2022

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