Please call 

before coming

into our shop



Please come alone for your appointment to help ensure safe

physical distancing




Please wear a

face-covering before entering our shop.


Not Early

Not Late

Please call us if you won't be on time. We need to

limit client overlaps for everyones safety. 

Wash your hands!

We will be providing hand sanitizer and/or asking you to wash your hands upon entering our studio & work stations

Stay home

if you're sick

Just call us

and let us know,

your deposit will be

honored at a later date. 

Cleaning schedules


We've expanded our cleaning schedules to help keep you safe :)

Still all the artists you know and love!

Just don't

hug us!

Even though we'll be tattooing you, we must all try to keep our distance when we can.

No touching!



Updated: May 24 2020

Please accept our policies and procedures laid out in response to reopening our business during Phase 2 of the province’s Re-Opening Strategy. These enhanced policies and procedures are in addition to our existing standards and practices in accordance with Fraser Health. 


In an effort to streamline these changes, we have divided them into four categories:

  1. Social Distancing Plan

  2. Administrative Controls

  3. Engineering Controls

  4. Personal Protective Equipment


For the purpose of this document, a “Service Provider” may include: tattooer, body piercer, cosmetic tattooer or employee. 

  • Clients will be notified about changes in procedure for in-store services by email, phone, social media, and/or our website

  • Entry to the studio will be controlled based on studio size to enforce appropriate physical distancing

  • Customer consultations, whenever possible, will be done remotely (via email, phone, video etc) to reduce unnecessary visits to the studio

  • Appointments will be staggered in adherence with recommended physical distancing guidelines, and adequate time will be given between appointments to ensure no client overlaps

  • No guests/friends/family/spectators will be allowed with client receiving service. In regards to minors or those requiring assistance, an exception will be made allowing one guardian/caregiver

  • Our studio already has a minimum of two meters distance between service stations, but any potential congestion areas will be clearly marked

  • All service providers must avoid shaking hands with clients; instead offering a non-contact greeting

  • We will ensure service providers are in good health with no symptoms of COVID-19, and have not travelled by air or out of the province for 14 days

  • At the time of booking the appointment, and prior to entering the studio for said appointment, clients will be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, or if they have any reason to suspect they may have been exposed --- if they answer “Yes” they will not be provided an appointment at this time. 

  • The studio will be open by appointment only. Appointments can be made day of, or in advance

  • Food and drink will only be allowed in the work station so long as it is minimal and can be contained (ie: water bottle, granola bar, etc)

  • Revised client release forms will affirm that the client has no known symptoms of COVID-19

  • Service providers will continue to clean and disinfect all environmental surfaces and multi-touch devices with appropriate disinfectants before and after daily opening to the public, and after each client interaction, and by schedule

  • Each service provider will maintain a daily cleaning schedule and sign-off sheet

  • Service providers will continue to utilize disposable barriers for work surfaces, client areas, and for application equipment, including but not limited to machine and clipcord bags, dental bibs, etc.

  • Clutter in client waiting areas such as magazines, portfolios and any other regularly handled items will be removed

  • All multi-touch surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day

  • Clients will be asked to use provided sanitizer and/or wash their hands upon entry to the studio and to service stations

  • Clients will be encouraged to pay by card - POS machine will be sanitized between customers

  • Service providers will continue to wash hands before and after all procedures

  • Service providers will be notified immediately of any procedural changes

  • Should a service provider develop symptoms at work, they will immediately be sent home with instruction to contact HealthLink BC. We will also contact our local department of health with a list of all clients (names and phone numbers) that said service provider has worked within the previous 14 days

  • A record of all clients will be kept for tracing efforts if a case were to arise

  • Jewelry and other items for sale will remain behind glass until purchased

  • All service providers will acknowledge an understanding of and compliance with these additional policies by signing a formal document

  • Clients will be provided an opportunity to store personal items in a sanitized storage bin

  • Outdoor signage will be posted listing procedures and protocols for clients and the public

  • Handwashing facilities are already situated in each service station, but additional sanitizer stations will be clearly visible

  • A plexiglass/acrylic barrier will be installed at the front desk

  • Service providers and clients must wear masks upon entry to the studio, due to the proximity of service providers and the client. If the client does not have one, they will be provided one by the studio

  • Service providers will be encouraged to wear additional PPE that protects their eyes and body clothing from potential contamination. This includes, but is not limited to face shields, protective eyewear, aprons etc. 

  • Service providers will continue to use disposable nitrile/latex gloves while handling equipment and providing services, and will continue to use appropriate methods to avoid cross contamination

  • Service providers will follow appropriate standards for the disposal or sanitizing of PPE

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